As a retail monument dealer since 1933, we know what it takes to be a successful monument provider. Whether you are selling monument now, or have not even thought about doing so. We can help you grow another revenue stream for your company. We use only the finest granites produced and installed with only the highest skilled craftsmen. We have many pricing plans available and can provide any type of service available to fit you and your company’s needs. Contact us today!

On-Site Lettering

When an existing memorial needs lettering or design added we can complete this for you. We have members of our team that complete the jobs every day. No one is better equipped to add lettering to an existing memorial.

Our equipment allows us to complete the lettering on site without having to remove the memorial.Some companies subcontract this service out.This gives them no control of the finished product. We do not subcontract out anything. Every inscription is completed by one of our craftsmen.

Weiss Working

Memorial Foundation

A cemetery foundation is almost as important as the memorial you choose. If the foundation is not done correctly then the memorial will lean and settle as time passes. We dig the foundation to a minimum of 24 inches deep.

If a foundation completed by Weiss Monument Works or its affiliated company fails, we will fix the problem free of charge.

Weiss Working

Cemetery Restoration

Weiss Monuments offers extensive restoration services for old headstones and monuments that have fallen into decline. We take pride in helping communities,churches and cemeteries preserve the structural integrity and beauty of monuments that may have been hand engraved hundreds of years ago.

Time and exposure to the elements have an impact on any monument over the years. Maintenance and timely repairs can increase the longevity of a memorial. Weiss Monuments can provide restoration services for projects of all sizes and materials. Our workers understand the importance of these memorials to your community and individuals and are trained to provide the highest quality work for your needs. Stone repair and restoration services include complete cemetery restoration, headstone repair, statue repair, and mausoleum restoration.