Family Estates

Estate monuments can be a simple understated piece or a large ornate monument. The monument is only limited by your imagination. The estate monument usually encompasses more than two family members. Smaller markers are usually added memorialize the individual person. The family plot is marked by a large monument with the family name and heritage. Our talented designers can help you customize your family plot. We can work with you one on one, or with your architect. The end result would be a property that shows your family heritage and tradition in the most fitting way possible.

Weiss Monument Works and our affiliated companies can help you create a unique design that will be a fitting tribute to your loved one. However you wish to express your love for one you’ve lost, we can help you


Design Options

  • Hand Engraving
  • Laser Etching
  • Bronze Lettering & Accents
  • Sculptures & Carving
  • Custom Designs
  • Ceramic & Porcelain Photos
  • Vases

Stone Options

Barre Gray Granite
Barre Gray
Imperial Red Granite
Classic Red
Absolute Black Granite
Jet Black
Blue Pearl Granite
Blue Pearl
Mountain Rose Granite
Mountain Rose
Coral Rose Granite
Coral Rose
Mahogany Granite
Impala Black Granite
Impala Black
Ebony Mist Granite
French Creek
Erin Green Granite
Forest Green

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